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FreeTextFilterCriterion is a criterion that matches across the whole row


class tlc.core.objects.tables.from_table.filtered_table_criteria.freetext_filter_criterion.FreeTextFilterCriterion(negate: bool | None = None, freetext_search_string: str | None = None, use_case_insensitive_search: bool | None = None, init_parameters: Any = None)#

Bases: tlc.core.objects.tables.from_table.filtered_table_criteria.filter_criterion.FilterCriterion

FreeTextFilterCriterion is a criterion that matches across the whole row

It splits the the search string into parts and matches each part against all columns of the row. A match is found if all parts are found at least once in any column of the row.

Examples: search, row, match, comment “A”, {“col_1”: “A”, “col_2”: “B”} => True, only part found in col 1 “A B”, {“col_1”: “ABC”, “col_2”: “DEF”} => True, all parts are found in col_1 “A B”, {“col_1”: “ACE”, “col_2”: “BDF”} => True, part 1 in col_1, part 2 in col_2 “cat”, {“label”: 1} => True, given a ValueMap with {1:”cat”}

  • url – The URL of the object.

  • created – The creation time of the object.

  • init_parameters – A dictionary containing the initial values of the object’s properties.

static from_any(any_filter_criterion: tlc.core.objects.tables.from_table.filtered_table_criteria.filter_criterion.FilterCriterion | Mapping) tlc.core.objects.tables.from_table.filtered_table_criteria.freetext_filter_criterion.FreeTextFilterCriterion#