Front Page#

The front page lists all available projects in the Rows panel. When selecting a project, the number of Runs and Tables within this project will be indicated by the tabs in the upper left. Double clicking a project takes you to the Runs tab of the selected project. If you instead want to view the Tables of the project, you can click the Tables tab in the top left. Note that the (Any project) project allows viewing all runs and tables at the same time.

Tables Tab#

The available Tables for the currently selected project and filter settings are shown in the Tables tab. Each row in the Rows panel represents a revision of a dataset registered with 3LC, which is an individual Table in 3LC, and by default shows the following columns:

  • Dataset

  • Favorite

  • Lineage

  • Project name

  • Url

  • Location

  • Row count

  • Created

Table Revisions and Lineage

When the user edits or otherwise makes a modification to a Table, 3LC creates a new revision which is itself a Table. The system keeps track of revisions and shows this connectivity as directed edges in the lineage column of the Table rows view. This makes it easy to navigate even a complex dataset with many revisions and branching lineage.

Tip: To open a specific Table revision in a notebook simply locate the revision in the Tables tab, hover the URL column to enable the copy-action, perform the copy and then simply do:

table = Table.from_url(...)

Open a Table#

DoubleClick a row will open a dedicated Table view in a tab called “Examples”. See the Views section for more info.

Runs Tab#

To give an overview, the Runs tab shows a set of charts with aggregate metrics for all the runs in the project in the Charts panel. Like in the Tables tab, the Runs Tab shows all the Runs for the current project in the Rows panel. The following columns are available for Runs:

  • Show

  • Project name

  • Url

  • Location

  • Description

  • Status

  • Last modified

Just as with Tables, you can open a Run by DoubleClick’ing on it.

Whenever you run your Python code with 3LC metrics collection, a new Run will appear as a new row in the Runs panel.

Filtering Projects, Tables, and Runs#

Under Projects, Runs, and Tables you can filter on values associated with each row, using the Filters panel. Creating Virtual columns based on the Constants column is particularly useful for Runs, to find Runs with a particular set of hyperparameters, to sort based on a metric, or to e.g. visualize how loss varies across epoch.

DoubleClick a Run or a Table to open it in a new View.