3lc Command Line Interface#

3lc is a versatile command-line tool designed to streamline your data management workflows. It offers several commands and options for configuration, service management, and data management. Use --help for a quick guide to available functionalities.


  • --config-file: Specifies the path to the configuration file. If this is not set, the tool will look for default locations.

  • login: A sub-command for logging into 3LC by providing an API key, which may be found on the API keys page of your 3LC account. See here for more information. Note that during the beta period it is not necessary to have an API key or login.

  • config: A sub-command for inspecting and manipulating the current configuration.

  • service: The main entrypoint to start the service. Additional options like --port and --host can be provided to customize the service behavior.

  • export: A sub-command that allows exporting a table to a file. You can specify the input and output file paths and the format (e.g., CSV).

To see all available configuration options and their current values, run:

3lc config --list

Use --help on any subcommands to get more information about the available options.