3LC Version 2.3 Release Notes#

3LC Version 2.3.1#

  1. April 2024

Enhancements and Fixes#

3lc Python Wheel#

  • Made it possible to import tlc and use the Object Service without creating a 3LC account and setting an API key during the beta period


  • Made it possible to use the Dashboard without creating a 3LC account during the beta period

  • Fixed bug where commit messages for edits were not cleared sometimes

  • Fixed a bug where some labels could be hard to read in grid view

  • Fixed an error on log screen when creating 3D charts

3LC Version 2.3.0#

  1. April 2024

We are excited to announce 3LC version 2.3 in limited public beta release!

We have worked with early adopters to gather feedback and improve on the 3LC platform and workflows. Now we are ready to move toward making 3LC available to the public as a tool to illuminate the black box of machine learning. As with earlier versions, the focus is on analyzing and enhancing datasets for computer vision, including classification and object detection.


3lc Python Wheel#

  • Numerous extensions to the Run API, including the ability to track status

  • Greatly improved the performance of accessing Table rows, including when requested through the object service

  • Implemented asynchronous handling and caching for object service for external data, such as images

  • Updated collect_metrics and metrics_collector APIs to ensure broader compatibility with various PyTorch models and to enhance the flexibility of the metrics-collection API

  • Improved PyTorch Lightning and Hugging Face integrations

  • Added a full-screen text user-interface (TUI) for the object service, used by default, disabled with --no-tui

  • Added support for accessing data on Azure Blob Storage using “abfs://” URLs


  • Reorganized user interface for improved usability, including:

    • More intuitive selection of Project, Runs, and Tables

    • A tab for viewing details of selected Runs and Tables, as well as Run hyperparameters

    • Streamlined toolbars to simplify and group things more logically, including a new icon for viewing, committing, and discarding pending edits

  • Added a new Workflows panel, along with a number of specific workflows for targeted model insights, and for finding and fixing problematic labels and duplicate images

  • Made fixes and improvements to rendering and editing of bounding boxes and labels

  • Made numerous other enhancements, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and usability improvements


This release is available to beta users of 3LC that have created an account at account.3lc.ai. The Python 3lc wheel is available on PyPI and requires the use of an API key associated with a 3LC account. The 3LC Dashboard is available at dashboard.3lc.ai. The 3LC documentation is available at docs.3lc.ai.

Supported Platforms#

3LC Python Package#
  • Operating System:

    • Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 (x86)

    • macOS Ventura (version 13) and newer (M series ARM-based)

    • Ubuntu 20.04 (x86-64)

    • Most other GLibc based Linux distributions are expected to work but are untested and unsupported

  • Python 3.8 - 3.11 (on macOS: 3.9 - 3.11)

    • Both Conda and “vanilla” Python environments should work

  • PyTorch and Torchvision version 1.9 or above

  • Chrome or Edge web-browser, with GPU acceleration enabled.

    • The Dashboard uses WebGL to hardware accelerate the rendering of 2D and 3D graphs. It is possible to use check your browser settings to view hardware acceleration.

      • Chrome: Go to URL chrome://gpu and verify WebGL is set to “Hardware accelerated”

      • Edge: Go to URL edge://gpu and verify WebGL is set to “Hardware accelerated”

Known Issues#

  • The tlc Python package does not detect, handle, or support NaN (Not-a-Number) values in tlc.Table, and their presence may lead to unpredictable behavior or inconsistencies within the system.

  • The order of columns in the Dashboard filter panel does not follow the order in the tables panel, where the columns are more logically ordered. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.

  • When renaming a Run in the Dashboard, the old name is sometimes still shown alongside the new name in the Table panel for a short time.