Integrating 3LC with PyTorch#

The current version of 3LC is fully dependent on PyTorch as the machine learning framework. Therefore, refer to the user guide and notebooks to learn more about integrating 3LC with your PyTorch code.


In order to use 3LC, PyTorch and Torchvision must be installed in the Python environment. PyTorch provides packages targeting various compute platforms. You may scroll down on that page to find installation guidance and instructions for your platform. We strongly recommend using a CUDA-enabled version of PyTorch if you have a compatible GPU available.

Because there is not a single particular package for PyTorch that is appropriate for all 3LC users, the tlc package does not list torch and torchvision as formal dependencies that get installed when tlc is installed. This means that installing 3LC does not interfere with your existing PyTorch installation, but instead just works with whichever PyTorch is already present in the environment.