3LC Object Service#

The 3LC Object Service is an application that runs alongside your training. It provides a REST API so that the 3LC Dashboard can access training data and any metrics captured during training. If the Dashboard is used to make revisions to your training data, the Object Service will also ensure that your Python Code can access the modified training data through the tlc Python module.


3LC deployment diagram. The Object Service bridges communication between the Client Python code and the 3LC Dashboard. Since the Object Service is deployed alongside the Python code, this ensure that all data remains inside the client tier.#

The Object Service runs locally on the client system, and does not transfer the training date out of the client tier. This ensure that none of your data ever leave your system, guaranteeing privacy.

Starting the Object Service#

If you have a simple setup, where the Object Service runs on the same machine as your training notebooks and scripts, simply follow the steps in the Quickstart Guide. For more complex scenarios, please see the Object Service Deployment Guide.