3LC Dashboard Version 2.5#



  • [8743] Added new bounding box paint functionality using the new pencil icon or the keyboard shortcut U

  • [12737] Made it possible to create an NMS (non-maximum suppression) virtual column in order to eliminate overlapping bounding boxes

  • [8743] Made it possible to navigate between bounding boxes in a chart with the new next and previous selection options

  • [10022] Created new “Accept predicted bounding boxes dialog” to allow for precisely selecting predicted bounding boxes to turn into ground truth bounding boxes for use in later training

  • [10911] Made it possible to do most bounding box editing operations with keyboard shortcuts

    • CTRL+SHIFT+L: Snap to next/previous bounding box

    • CTRL+SHIFT+K: Snap to double-clicked bounding box

    • U: Paint new bounding box (then left drag to create)

    • M: Immediately accept selected predictions

    • CTRL+M: Accept selected predictions

    • I: Immediately accept predictions for this row

    • CTRL+I: Accept predictions for this row

  • [11204] Made it possible to delete tables rows altogether to e.g. remove samples from later training

  • [12734] Add shortcuts for Mac users based on the Command key rather than Ctrl

  • [11716] Made it possible to create additional tabs for charts in the Charts panel and to close tabs

Enhancements and Fixes#

  • [12747] Disallow creating a reduced Table when input table hasn’t been loaded yet

  • [12710] Avoid assert triggered in some cases when loading the Dashboard

  • [12853] Log when renaming a Run succeeds or fails

  • [12777] Fixed a bug when combining filters and lasso selection that could cause additional samples to be shown in the Rows panel

  • [12889] Fixed a runtime error that could occur when loading bounding box embeddings

  • [5570] Made several tweaks to improve user experience when dragging onto Charts background



  • [11036] New Demo Dashboard: Experience the 3LC Dashboard with our newly launched stand-alone demo version, available at https://demo-dashboard.3lc.ai. With the demo Dashboard, you can experience the insights provided by 3LC using example datasets, all without requiring any additional installation.

  • [12649] Render performance settings tailored to your hardware: 3LC now enhances your experience by automatically detecting your GPU profile and adjusting rendering performance settings for optimal 2D/3D chart visualization. The settings dynamically adapt to the type of GPU your browser uses and adjust in real-time, even when your laptop switches to battery power. You can also manually adjust these settings to suit your preferences.

    • [12395] Added a step to the product tour that checks for GPU compatibility and provides guidance for making sure the Dashboard is using the expected GPU. This compatibility check can also be accessed in the about box.

    • [12552] Added render setting to “Show projection shadows on 3D charts”

    • [12644] Exposed render settings to enable/disable edge shading and SSAO

  • [12527] New Value Map Creation: You can now create value maps on scalar numeric columns that do not have them.

  • [12566] Added keyboard shortcuts for toggling most boolean values in the Settings dialog

Enhancements and Fixes#

  • [12581] Made it so browser does not cache Dashboard pages in a way that prevents automatically using the latest version when it is released

  • [12604] Log when detecting WebGL performance issue such as the use of software rendering

  • [12060] Grouped Runs charts into tabs with six charts each to avoid exhausting WebGL contexts

  • [12456] Changed the way colors are selected for Runs

  • [12597] Fixed a bug where switching between light and dark mode would not update the background of existing charts

  • [12606] Include ‘description’ in Runs hyperparameters dialog

  • [12561] Made it possible to show/hide Run columns from within the Runs hyper-parameters dialog

  • [12628] Made it possible to create certain virtual columns (e.g. “TP->Sum”) with a single click

  • [12633] Fixed alignment of about box text

  • [12634] Fixed an issue where the bounding box settings on different charts were not independent

  • [12635] Fixed an issue where image settings would sometimes automatically reset after being idle

  • [10987] Fixed a bug where disabled menu items still appeared to be clickable

  • [12667] Fixed a crash when trying to subtract two different 3D embeddings columns

  • [12678] Limited number of undo/redo snapshots to 100 to avoid memory and performance issues

  • [12659] Fixed an issue where you could not reduce by image URL string columns and fixed display names of reduced table

  • [12679] Made a few optimizations to improve performance with undo/redo snapshots

  • [12689] Fixed a bug that caused the index virtual column not to work

  • [12689] Fixed an issue where filters would not be updated when adding a value map or adding new value map values



  • [12427] Updated processes to support proper incremental semantic versioning for the 3LC Dashboard

  • [12289] Treat elements that are filtered out from the Filters panel differently from elements filtered out by paint commands by default.

    • The “Show filtered out points” and “Show filtered out lines” settings are by default On, but they do not show elements which are filtered out from the Filters panel.

    • Added an option to effectively treat a Filters panel criteria like a paint command (i.e. show it as a disabled background element).

  • [12372] Made it possible to override the default file name and provide a description when committing edits

  • [12391] Show mask images with color substitution and alpha in tooltip thumbnails and table grid view

  • [11426] Introduced new “Weight confused samples workflow”

Enhancements and Fixes#

  • [12060] Made several fixes to address and/or log potential problems when showing many charts, which can e.g. use up all available WebGL contexts

  • [10876] Fixed a bug where no tooltip showed when hovering over a disconnected point in a Runs chart

  • [12233, 12265] Fixed sorting and show lineage in Run details panel

  • [11930] Fixed some issues with date formatting

  • [10901] Provide feedback when Runs are empty or cannot be opened due to missing or incomplete metrics collection

  • [12298] Fixed a bug where double-click on buttons could bubble up to parent

  • [12343] Fixed a bug where sample-based filters would not have an effect if bounding-box based filters were applied

  • [12342] Fixed a bug where the legend would not show all classes when reducing on a label column

  • [12388] Fixed a bug where changing the value of an editable column row back to its original value would not show the correct value

  • [12399] Made it possible to select and copy the text in the Run hyperparameters dialog

  • [12359] Fixed a bug with 2D boxplot rendering having non-uniform sizes

  • [12398] Fixed a bug where coloring BBs by TP/FP/FN did not work

  • [12432] Fixed glitches in input text field enforcement of valid characters

  • [12433] Made it so when text is selected, is not be captured by the copy-chart-to-clipboard action

  • [12436] Fixed an issue with snap-to-contents in empty 2D view

  • [12010] Properly handled cases where vector columns (e.g. embeddings) cannot be meaningfully decomposed

  • [12497] Make aggregated points default OFF in settings

  • [12494] Fixed a bug where buttons to commit or discard pending edits were not visible

Known Issues#

  • The order of columns in the Dashboard filter panel does not follow the order in the tables panel, where the columns are more logically ordered. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.

  • When renaming a Run in the Dashboard, the old name is sometimes still shown alongside the new name in the Table panel for a short time.